What is Mindfulness?

I like keeping things simple but sometimes life can seem overwhelmingly complicated. Living mindfully is a way of thinking and behaving which helps us to stay in control of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Central to mindfulness is cultivating the skill of awareness.

Looking at the picture above we see a picture of a person out walking with a dog. The suggestion is that the person is not fully present. They are lost in scattered and darting thoughts surrounding what has been done or what needs to be done in the future. With the constantly busy mind, it is easy to get overwhelmed and anxiety levels rise. For many people, this mind full way of living is a daily reality. In contrast, the dog observes only the sun and scenery and trots along quite happily. By adopting this stripped away version of the walk, it is possible for the walker to enjoy this activity in a mindful way too.

The human body is amazing. Amongst its many systems is a fabulous mechanism for dealing with stress. When faced with dangers/stressors and the need to respond quickly, we are enabled to do so due to an intricate release of hormones into our bodies. When the danger or stress passes the hormone is no longer required and the body returns back to its natural state. For our forefathers, this system worked well as the dangers and stressors were staggered between periods of calm and stillness. Stress hormones could do their work, pass through the body and all was well. In this modern technological age, busy and demanding lives at work, home and play can lead us to live at elevated levels of stress and anxiety. This causes a build-up of hormones in the system which contribute further to our feeling of being unwell.

By disengaging with the past and the future and taking time to simply be in the present, we give our bodies a much needed break from the stressed state.

The good news is that mindfulness can be practiced anytime and anywhere; not just through the highly popular and beneficial route of meditation. If you would like to find out other health benefits of outdoor mindfulness please follow the link below.


At Kidsfull, we embrace a mindful approach to living and learning and offer workshops and courses for both adults and children. Ranging from stand-alone mindfulness to its incorporation with subjects such as music, we can help you and your family develop a mindful practice which works for you.