Different educators have different teaching methods and styles. One of the primary benefits of individual support is that the support can be tailored  to the needs of the individual student in a way that cannot be achieved in the larger group setting. There is no set pattern or material for support of this kind. Every student is an individual, and student and educators need to find their best approach together. The background information given before starting is of great help and we will ask for any additional information needed.

Please ensure that the sessions can be conducted in a quiet atmosphere conducive to concentration. Provision of exercise books and textbooks is usually the responsibility of the client.

Each session is normally one hour long. Shorter or longer sessions should be agreed in advance.

At the start, it can be difficult to determine how much support a student requires we do try to be as flexible as possible as it is important to get the balance right for you and your child. Some parents use our skills development sessions as a year round supplement to their child’s education. For others, just a few sessions may be required as a top-up a prior to an exam or help for a particularly difficult topic. All parents and students would like to see skills development as a quick fix, in reality it is not. It can take time for trust and rapport to be built between the staff member and child. Kidsfull staff will endeavour to find a suitable match  taking into account your individual requirements.