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Different tutors have different teaching methods and styles. One of the primary benefits of private tuition is that the tutor can tailor his/or her method to the needs of the individual student in a way that cannot be achieved in the larger group classroom setting. There is no set pattern or material for private tuition. Every student is an individual, and student and tutor need to find their best approach together. The background information given before starting is of great help and the tutor will ask for any additional information needed.

Please ensure that tuition can be conducted in a quiet atmosphere conducive to concentration on the tuition involved. Provision of exercise books and textbooks is usually the responsibility of the client.

Tuition normally consists of one-hour sessions. Shorter or longer sessions should be agreed in advance between client and tutor.

At the start, it can be difficult to determine how much tuition a student requires. Kidsfull Tutors try to be as flexible as possible as it is important to get the balance right for you and your child. Some parents use private tuition as a year round supplement to their child’s education. For others, just a few sessions may be required as a top-up and confidence builder prior to an exam or help for a particularly difficult topic. All parents and students would like to see private tuition as a quick fix, in reality it is not. It can take time for trust and rapport to be built between tutor and child. Kidsfull Tutors will endeavour to find a suitable match between the client and tutor taking into account the tutors available and your individual requirements, which you communicated to us prior to our assignment to you of a tutor. However, sometimes a tutor’s teaching method or personality may not suit the student involved. If this is the case, please contact us straight away, and we will do our best to find a replacement as soon as possible.

The minimum charge for the attendance of a tutor at a session is your hourly rate of charge for that tutor as agreed in advance. Please note that there can be considerable preparation involved before each session of tuition, in addition to travel time and cost to the tutor.

Kidsfull acts as agent of the tutor by providing introductions of tutors to clients and vice versa. It also collects fees from the client on behalf of the tutor together with its own fee in respect of its administration commission, which is included within the hourly rate quoted for a particular tutor and which is payable solely by the client.

These guidelines form a part of the client’s contract with Kidsfull. For further contractual details please see Terms and Conditions of Business (clients) below.

Accordion Style Two

A tutor cannot be held responsible for chaperoning minors, nor guarding a house and household effects while tutoring. Please ensure that a responsible adult is on the premises at all times.

Two payment plans exist, a prepayment plan and monthly billing plan. With the monthly payment plan, invoices are posted to you early in the month to cover tuition in the preceding month. For example, tuition received by a client during the month of September will normally be invoiced to the client early in October. Invoices thus rendered cover monies receivable for and on behalf of the tutor together with fees due to Tutors and any extra charges, you will be required to pay a deposit at the start and this will be deducted from your final invoice. Please insure that payment for all invoices is received within 14 days of the date of the invoice.

By selecting the prepayment plan, you are offered a reduced rate for an agreed number of sessions, which are paid in advance. Payment must be made prior to the commencement of the first session with the tutor. Once tuition has commenced, there are no refunds for the cancellation of sessions by the client prior to completion of the course. However, the course is flexible in terms of illness and holidays, and sessions can be rescheduled for an alternative date if the client provides a minimum of 24 hours notice of the cancellation of the session to the tutor. The course of sessions can commence at any time of year.

You are, however, entitled to cancel the contract within 8 working days of your acceptance or deemed acceptance of these Terms of Business (“Cancellation Period”), in which case you will be entitled to reimbursement of all Fees paid to Kidsfull. However, if you instruct Kidsfull Tutors or the tutor introduced to you that you want the tuition sessions to commence before the end of this cancellation period, you will not be entitled to receive a refund of the Fees paid in the event that such tuition session has already been arranged to take place prior to your cancellation.

At the end of the prepaid course, tuition automatically carries on unless you give one-week’s notice (Termination Notice) both to your tutor verbally and in writing to Kidsfull. This will enable the tutor to bring tuition to an appropriate conclusion for the student and seek reassignment to another job.

If you do not provide the termination notice to Kidsfull or do not provide such notice in sufficient time, the tutor will assume that you wish to continue and keep your agreed time slot with the tutor reserved for you, and you will be charged for any such sessions arranged. This aids continuity and the tutor’s availability as long as you need him/her. In this case, your account will automatically default to the monthly payment plan, where you will be billed monthly at the full session price.

If you would like to carry on at a discounted rate, please contact Kidsfull no later than the last prepaid session, and you can prepay for another “course” of sessions. The rate agreed in your initial course of prepaid sessions is valid for 100 days from the start of the course or until 7 September whichever comes first. Therefore, should you choose to extend your prepaid course and the standard rates have increased during the time of the prepaid course, the new discount offered will be the same percentage discount, albeit off the current standard rate and not the former standard rate that existed when the initial course was purchased.

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