Signs that your child needs a tutor

6 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

It is such a hard decision to decide if and when your child needs a tutor. Today with all the pressures and the busy lives that both parents and students lead, tutors are more valuable than ever before. A tutor can be great productive addition to a child’s studies. Children are under more pressure to do well than ever before and one-on-one attention from a tutor can really help and support every type of learner.

Although some children do well with a helpful teacher at school and an active parent at home, others can benefit from extra help; below are examples of such situations. Seeking a tutor to circumvent falling grades can build academic success in the future, and your child will enjoy school more as a result.

1. Grades are falling short of where you think they should be.

If you believe that your child can do better than their last report card suggested, or if see a gradual decline in test scores, the first step is to speak with your child’s teacher about your concerns. The teacher can point out concepts your child is having difficulty with, don’t assume that a drop in maths means that this will be the subject that requires the most support, sometimes it is comprehension that will need support if they are studying word problems. It is also communication skills that could be a problem and we often see that a child just has simply not clicked with the teacher they have at a particular time so they have simply stopped trying.

2. Always trying to complete projects and homework at the last minute.

If your child puts off projects and postpone homework, she may not be able to keep up as workloads increase. Although an occasional delay can be expected, consistent procrastination can be a sign of a larger issue, especially if a child ignores repeated reminders. “A parent’s intuition is a powerful thing when it comes to [her] child’s education,” says Joe Morgan, CEO of Noodle Education (, a website that helps parents find tutoring and educational opportunities. “If you notice your child struggling, be it [with] a specific subject or a time management issue, or if you suspect there might be a learning disability, there are professionals who can help and parents can be proactive seeking that assistance,” he says. Hiring a tutor can assist your child to improve study habits, cultivate self-motivation, and keep pace with upcoming assignments and tests. Don’t ,make yourself the issue in the homework, put a tutor in place to help support your child and then you can remain the support and not become the “bad guy” through nagging for completion.


3. When you notice your child seems constantly confused

Sometimes a child is under performing because he simply doesn’t understand the homework. This can be for a number of reason from the simplest they simply do not understand through to they didn’t grasp the underpinning knowledge so are now unable to apply the full route to a solution as a result.  If you feel that your child is always puzzled they may not be keeping up with grade-level expectations.  If your child repeatedly expresses anxiety about a test and is defensive when you try to help, a tutor can help him comprehend each subject at the current level to ensure grade advancement.

4. Do you feel that your child just simply lacks confidence in a subject

It is perfectly normal to lack confidence when handling new concepts or subjects, but it is not constructive when a child takes this on board as they are simply not good enough or smart enough to learn their impulse may be to run and hide rather than ask for help. “When you notice your child getting stuck on certain skills over time, or if your child…would feel great about being a little more confident, [she] could benefit from a tutor,” Goldblatt says. When tutoring is successful, a child will become self-assured and have newfound confidence, which may lead to participation in the classroom in all subjects.

5.Your schedule is so busy you are spending less time supervising your child

With so many of us taking on work commitments that extend outside the school day or may involve traveling it becomes impossible to maintain the same level of homework help that we would like. Also, as a child ages and his workload increases, this could require blocks of study time too large to fit into a family schedule of course not forgetting that many of the concepts taught today are not taught in the way we learnt when we were at school so we simply end up confusing our child even more. If you are struggling to support and manage your childs homework schedule you will find that a tutor is the perfect solution. We are happy to hand over household chores to our maids, but when it comes to our most valuable asset we insist on trying to do it ourselves and bring an expert. This approach simply does not make sense.

6. Children can often have learning disabilities

Not all children are formally “diagnosed” with learning difficulties, some struggle all their lives with border line ADHD, dyslexia, visual processing problems among others. Obviously children with learning disorders will finding staying up with their peers harder and unless they have dedicated support they are not always given other learning options to fully grasp a concept. Finding a tutor with experience in learning disorders can make the difference between success and failure for your child. A specialized tutor can present information in a way that’s easier for a child with a learning disability to understand, which can then make school less difficult and more enjoyable.

At Kids Full Education Services we work really hard to ensure that we take into account the reasons why want a tutor so that we can ensure we match your needs most closely.