Science and Slime Workshop

Science slime workshops

Slime is one of the biggest crazes at the moment, so why not learn the science behind it!

Our great fun workshop, engages children’s interest in the science of slime and then they get to make, create, stretch and develop their own slime making talents. We let them into some great youtube secrets and introduce them to slime that is safe to play with (no harmful chemicals), with sweet scents, even making slime that is good enough to eat.


The science behind slime is really interesting and the fact that the original observations date back to Isaac Newton is a significance that many people will be amazed at.

Get your hands in and learn by doing

There is no better way to learn than to actually do. making slime examins polymers, monomers and of course shear thickening and shear thinning fluids.  When the end product is slime – viscosity becomes a subject of interest for all children.

So many types of slime...

Children love slime and a child’s imagination should have no boundaries, our science team will work with your child as they experiment with colour, textures and ingredients. From unicorn slime to chocolate slime, galaxy slime to fluffy slime and of course not forgetting fluorescent.

Our workshop is every child’s dream.

If they like slime they will love our workshop.

learn and play

The academy offers many other fun and exciting workshops, check out our other courses and enjoy seeing your child develop their confidence in their own ability to discover.

Convenient for all

Our Academy is conveniently situated in Daytona House in Motor City, where there is ample free parking.

We have a small relaxed area where parents can help themselves to coffee and tea while they wait for their children. There is also free wifi and books to make the wait go faster.

Alternatively, within the building, there is Ted Morgan Hairdressers, Cocoon Nail Spa and Sands Fitness.