Reading is essential to any Childs development.

Reading inspires the imagination

Reading is key to a Childs success.

So why do I keep saying reading is essential to a Childs success? Below are 8 key reasons why every child should read.

Reading gives a child their foundation building blocks to learn their lessons and apply themselves to those all important exams. But it also goes so much further than that.

  1. Children who read demonstrate better writing skills 

The more children read, the more they learn about proper sentence structure, often without every realising that they are learning. Kids who read are typically better writers as they know how to make their sentences and paragraphs flow better. The more a child reads, the more their spelling skills improve and their vocabulary grows as they discover new words they may have never encountered before. Nobody is born wanting to be a writer but who knows what might happen with the right inspiration.

2. Reading will expand your Childs knowledge

Knowledge is empowering for everybody, however old they are. A child can reflect and evaluate their life experiences through reading books. The more they read, the more they learn, and the more equipped they are to apply this knowledge to their everyday lives. It gives them opportunities for balance and reflection, a story whether fact or fiction will allow them to see how fortunate they are compared to a character in their story.

3. Reading just like computer games provides your child with a portal to another dimension

Reading gives your child time to escape from reality for a short time, a good book takes young readers on exciting adventures to new and exciting lands. A well-written book can help kids imagine a time and place beyond reality. Because books unlock children’s imaginations, it also sparks their creativity and inspires them to dream. The outcome of this is exciting and innovative writing which results in higher grades.

4. Children will learn better comprehension skills 

Children who read books gain a deeper understanding of everything around them. They are more receptive to new ideas and different views, making them better listeners and allowing them to make more informed choices. With improved analytical skills, they are less likely to commit errors in judgment or react irrationally. They will be able to gain inferred knowledge from texts and this is an important part of being able to achieve higher scores in their tests.

5. Window to the World 

Books can teach kids about different countries and cultures from across the seas. A good book on another country’s unique history, people, and practices is incredibly eye-opening for the child who has never been outside their home country. Reading takes them to these new destinations and may even inspire them to be world travelers someday.

6. Instills Empathy 

Because books can teach us about other people, cultures, and backgrounds, reading allows children to envision a day in the life of someone else. When they gain a deeper understanding of other people’s struggles and everyday challenges, they become more self-aware and compassionate for others.

7. Promotes Innovation  in their thought and application

Reading promotes creativity and stimulates the innovative mind to come up with new inventions and concepts, reading gives a child a bank of knowledge and ideas to chose their creativity from, making them more like to apply innovative ideas to problem solving. The more children understand how things work, they more they can think about how to approach everyday problems with creative solutions.

8. Finally reading develops Communication Skills 

Reading expands vocabulary by introducing children to new words, synonyms, and adjectives, allowing them to become better at expressing their thoughts and ideas. Children who read a lot are able to describe their feelings because they have the right words to articulate their state of mind.

At we believe that it’s so important to instill a love of reading in kids from the very start by reading to them and encouraging them to read back to us. As they grow older, they begin to choose their own genres to feed their hunger for knowledge or go on adventures in their minds. Our new book club is suitable for children from 5 years until 12years and runs on a Tuesday (5-7year olds) and on a Wednesday for 8 – 12 year olds. The club explores different books from classic tales to modern authors and takes children on new adventures, while teaching them skills in literacy from character analysis to writing prequels and sequels, but mostly just developing reading, vocabulary and the a general love of books so they can develop their own skills

CALL 04 566 5723 to enrol your child in the first step of an adventure from the page to their imagination.