As adults turn to experts from therapists to fitness gurus, it has become obvious that a Mum can no longer provide all the answers to her children’s problems. As a result, there has been a global trend towards child coaching worldwide Heather Harries, CEO of Kidsfull LLC explains why children’s coaching services are so vital in today’s environment.


“Coaching our children has become very much part of today’s society. Whether a child requires educational coaching to keep up, emotional coaching or life coaching parents are turning to child coaching companies to meet these needs. Parents feel under such pressure themselves that they need the perspective and attention that only an outside expert can bring. With work, house administration, after-school activities and homework, parents particularly Mums know they cannot always be expected to say the right thing or to schedule an hour of dedicated emotional coaching for their child when it is needed, it just isn’t possible when they are themselves falling into bed daily, exhausted with the battle of staying ahead all day. The days of “just get over it” parenting are gone and today’s parents pay for professional help in whichever area they perceive their children to be struggling, whether its math’s or music, computer science or confidence, a tutor is the accepted norm in every family.


Heather adds that “If you then throw in the everyday hurdles faced by children from temper tantrums, shyness, friendship problems or exam pressure and what is recognized as the “sheer psychological pressure overwhelm” on young shoulders it is little wonder that parents are hiring a life coach to deal with daily hurdles with their children”. As a full time working mum to four children she knows first hand what pressures families face and set about finding a one-stop solution to support other mums with the development of her new company Kidsfull.


“We offer every possible solution to help children succeed and we use only highly skilled coaches to support families across the region”. She said, “all of our consultants have postgraduate degrees from high-ranking British Universities, which makes us unique as an educational support provider in the UAE, but as a company we wanted to be more than just a tutoring center we wanted to offer far, we wanted to offer courses to help our children really understand the world around them, courses that went way beyond what they would learn at school or find on the internet. Our courses are about empowering our students to have to face the changing world with confidence and knowledge to handle whatever was thrown at them in the right way. For instance, our course on the power of social media doesn’t just cover things like internet safety, they get that at school, children are bored with this message, so the course examines the subliminal messages that each picture, statement and comment made about the person using the media. Through the course, they learn to write positively, take appropriate selfies, how to position themselves to the world in a confident and positive way and how to handle negativity appropriately. Our other courses include so many other areas like developing confidence, public speaking, photography, art and languages not forgetting traditional skills like etiquette and conversation skills.

Every parent wants confident children.


We are excited to be one of the first companies in the region to bring children’s life coaching skills to families who really need that additional support. For many children the first real challenge they will face is going to school, this may be they simply they don’t have the social skills, or they are extremely emotionally intelligent which isn’t a skill that fits into today’s curriculum. Children really need to be equipped with the skills to cope, which may just be the need for some encouragement in reading, writing or maths which for centuries parents have turned to tutors to support. Additionally today it is a perfectly normal part of life for parents to turn to expert educational coaches to ensure their child is additionally supported in the best way possible. “



Today, for many parents who are part of an age where mental illness is the norm, it is understandable that they would want to break the cycle for their children. All parents want children to feel confident and empowered to feel the whole spectrum of emotions. To know that all emotions are OK, and to know how to manage them so they don’t become “meltdowns” in young children and teenagers or develop into bigger problems in later life.


There is so much more pressure on parents to get it right but at the same time their children are growing up in a world so different to what they themselves have experienced. It is unchartered waters and parents need the reassurance that their child is equipped for the future. Fear of mistakes is bigger than ever, social media drives the paradox of “perfection perception” where parents feel the need to have the perfect kids who look perfect, perform perfectly, and don’t make mistakes, which is made even more difficult when parents feel that they lack both the knowledge to help their child to achieve such great expectations, and the wherewithal to cope when they inevitably fall short of such exacting standards.


Through the support that Kidsfull offers we solve a spectrum of challenges being faced by families today. The highly qualified and experienced coaches can work with children from early ages to adulthood to develop the usual education support skills and we have also taken this a step further to include “life coaching” skills. Heather Harries explained that the life coaching skills obviously involve a detailed conversation with the parents before we spend time getting to know the child in their own home. In the sessions (normally over 3 weeks costing from 2000 dhs per child) we play games with the child to put them at ease before developing and focusing on the key activities, which could include “magic breathing” teaching children to come back to the moment and refocus, we use small “focus friends” (effectively a small soft toy) that is their life balance point and it teaches them to calm down and think before getting ahead and often over thinking the problem. We address anger and fear through different role-plays and discussions. All activities are easy to remember and more importantly use as well as being age appropriate.


With so many parents here struggling to cope on their own we are able to provide the extra support required for their child to succeed and develop the confidence to achieve whether it is homework help or life skills, Kidsfull services are vital for every family with children., Heather can be reached on 050 942 7406.