Our modern friendly learning academy is the perfect supportive environment for your child to learn in. The academy offers an innovative personalized approach to learning and we ensure that the teaching is perfectly matched to your child’s needs and learning style. With highly qualified educators on hand you can be sure this is a great place to head what ever your child requires.

Our ``Learning Academy`` puts flexibility back into learning.

Putting the fun back into learning

These courses are designed to put the fun and energy back into learning. The courses are aimed at children who for one reason or another may not be enjoying learning and as a result have not got their learning off to a good start. This course will put them right back on track.

Part time Study

Our learning academy is open from 8.30am in the morning until 8pm at night, so you are welcome to drop in as frequently as your needs require. This may be to get extra support for subjects you study in school, to complete a particular homework project, or for emergency revision support. Our afterschool homework club is a very popular option.

Homework Club

We welcome your child after school to join our homework club. This means that your child has an opportunity to socialize, complete homework and be looked after in a supportive environment while you finish your day at work in the knowledge that you don’t have an evening of maths, science or english ahead of you.

Individual Educational Support

Our amazing and dedicated specialists are available to support you at home when required. All you need to do is book a block of 5 or 10 sessions and we will ensure you receive a specialist perfectly matched to your needs. Whatever your requirements.

Our “learning academy” is carefully designed to ensure the maximum opportunities for learning. There are 6 distinct areas:

Computer Bank

Our fully networked computers allow students to log into educational programmes and school systems to complete their projects.

General Study

Our comfortable seating areas provide an area to complete work with or without electronics. There is access to the WiFi but with space to work in groups or alone and complete work that is not online.

Quiet Study

These areas are segregated to allow one on one tuition to take place as required by students.


We like to believe that our students will enjoy reading and we actively encourage them to take time each week to explore our reading area and book of the week. The over filled sofas and bean bags make this area a great place to hang out for a few moments rest.

Brain Strain

We know that as much as we would like our children to work solidly they do need some down time, so we have a games area with board games. From Chess to Solitaire, there is an opportunity for the students to relax when needed.

Fuel Up

Our fuel up tuck shop gives our students lots of healthy eating choices to ensure they are not hungry while they are working. We do not allow sweets or fizzy drinks in the centre, meaning they need to make some good choices while they are with us.

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