Learning Academy - Homework Club

Our after school homework club is the perfect solution for your child. Similar to the “prep times” offered in UK public schools it instills a level of responsibility which trains your child to become more structured and disciplined in their approach to homework. Our educational specialists are on hand to offer support where it is needed but students are encouraged to find answers independently.

A great option for working parents. Your child is fully supported to complete their homework under the supervision of fully qualified professionals while you finish up your working day. Leaving your evenings free to enjoy time together.

Collection from school can be arranged as well, please ring us for more information on this.

Learning Academy

The Kidsfull Learning Academy is a great space for children of all ages to complete homework in a structured environment.

Whatever the age there is always help on hand to find answers and to ensure that homework and self-directed study are completed. Whether you and your child are clashing heads over homework or you are working so need someone to support your child to complete their work, the learning academy will provide the solution you need.

Tutor Spaces

We are delighted to offer individual learning areas, where your child can spend time with an independent educational specialist to identify any learning needs they may have.

The environment is a great place to concentrate and there are lots of available resources on hand if you need additional support.

Computer Stations

The learning academy has a bank of computers that are monitored by our team at all times that allow online learning and completion of school projects that require being computer generated. We have stationery and folders available to ensure no marks are lost in the presentation.

Brain Strain

For students who are spending a longer time at the learning academy, we offer a space to play games, from chess to solitaire we encourage students to interact with each other and there is always someone on hand to teach them the rules if they are unsure.

It is important to learn these skills and we believe that social interaction is an important part of growing up.

Fuel Up

To ensure that all visitors to the Learning Academy are comfortable and not distracted from their learning we have a small selection of snacks and drinks available. We don’t allow sweets or fizzy drinks so you can be sure they won’t fill up on junk food while they are with us.